Cigarette Case
These cardboard cigarette cases come
paper or foil lined, King Size or 100’s,
in a variety of colors.
Hot Rod Tubes
Hot Rod Tubes are made with the same
quality and pride that one puts into restoring
and creating a show winning Hot Rod. Every
“Hot Rodder” knows that the job is not done
until the job is done right. The real pay-off
comes when you fire one up. Rediscover
that same feel good sensation that only a
Hot Rod Tube can offer. Hot Rod Tubes
have 20mm filters that provide a smooth
smoking taste and uses less tobacco.

King Size
Available in regular, smooth, extra smooth,
menthol and super menthol. High density
20mm filter element. Slow burning, smooth

Available in regular, smooth and menthol.
High density 25mm filter element.  Slow
burning, smooth smoking.
10825 Medallion Dr.  Cincinnati, OH 45241    (800) 319-1108     (513) 554-0652      Fax: (513) 794-0570
XHot Rodk100s.jpg
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